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Cone Flow Control Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has its manufacturing unit by the name of Gurukul Fittings Pvt. Ltd. at Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat where we are heavily involved in manufacturing a wide variety of mechanical fittings like elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, sockolets, etc. For more information kindly visit

Authorized Distributors & Resellers

  • Cone Flow Control Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized distributor for Advanced Actuators Ltd. (U,K.).
    The Advanced Actuators range of electro-hydraulic actuators have been used throughout industry for over 40 years. Owing to the international standard of quality hydraulic actuators, CFCS along with AAL’s support has been able to build a strong customer base in India. The products offered can be summarized as below:
    • 'E' Series Electro-Hydraulic Linear and Rotary Actuators:
      These actuators can be Self-Contained or Ring Main, Linear or Quarter Turn and can be used for modulating or isolating duty. These machines are standard weatherproof (IP65 or NEMA4X) to zone 1 hazardous area rating and are CE and Atex certified. Some of the technical highlights are:
      • Linear:
        Min Thrust – 50 Kg, Max Thrust – 80000 Kg, Min Speed – 1 mm/sec, Max Speed – 1200 mm/sec, Min Stroke – 10 mm, Max Stroke – 8000 mm.
      • Quarter Turn:
        Min Torque – 50 Nm, Max Torque – 1200000 Nm, Min Speed – 0.25 degree/sec, Max Speed – 5.5 millisecond/degree, Angle of Rotation – 0-90 degree.
    • ZBG Linear Actuators:
      These actuators are self-contained, completely sealed and are adjustable to thrust and speed and are used for open/close applications. They require no filtration and no solenoid valves. These machines are compact and have ultra low maintenance. Features are as follows:
      • Thrust Range: 25 Kgf – 80000 Kgf
      • Speed Range: 0-290 mm/sec
      • Stroke Length: 0-5000 mm
      • Temperature Range: min. -20 deg C, max. +70 deg C

    • 'S' Range of Hydraulic Stepping Actuators:
      This range of stepping actuators is generally coupled with a hydraulic ring main and works on retchet/gear wheel principle. Features are as follows:
      • Maximum working pressure: 210 bar
      • Nominal working pressure: 150 bar
      • Minimum working pressure: 50 bar
      • Maximum output torque: 500 Nm
      • Minimum output torque: 80 Nm

  • Cone Flow Control Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized distributor and reseller of "TOPWORX" products.
    Topworx is a subsidiary of Emerson U.S.A. and has its offices at Singapore and U.S.A. Products include discrete valve controllers, wireless position monitors, GO swiches, nuclear products, accessories and special mounting kits. We have been associated with Topworx since quite some time and have established a strong client base in the domestic market.
    Some of the product details are as follows:
    Discrete Valve Controllers
    • Suitable for use on rotary and linear applications
    • Certified for use in all hazardous areas
    • Integrated solutions (bus + sensors + pilot)
    • Technology leadership in fieldbus networks
    GO Switches
    • Best-in-market capabilities
      » Best high/low current ratings
      » Best pressure ratings
      » Best temperature ratings
      » Best hazardous area ratings
      » Best resistance to physical abuse, corrosives, subsea and vibrations
    • Best-in-market technology
      » More reliable than mechanical switches
      » More rugged than reed switches
      » More versatile than inductive proxes
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